Coral associated decapods

Trapezia areolata

Trapezia flavopunctata

Trapezia tigrina

Trapezia serenei

Fennera chacei

Harpiliopsis depressa

Alpheus lottini (juvenile)

– “transient or coral facultative” species occasionally occurs among the branches of live Pocillopora and become very abundant once the live coral tissue is dead and the coral skeleton is covered with algae. Most of them are also found on a range of other habitats.

Alpheus dolerus

Alpheus pachychirus

Alpheus cf. sizou

Alpheus diadema

Alpheus collumianus

Synalpheus cf. gracilirostris

Arete cf. indicus

Saron marmoratus

Thinora maldivensis

Thor amboinensis

Chlorocurtis jactans

Calaxius sp.

Cuapetes cf. ensifrons

Galathea mauritiana

Galathea pilosa

Perinia tumida

Liomera monticulosa

Liomera cinctimana

Liomera striolata

Nucia rosea

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